Kriya yoga seminar

Kriya yoga seminar 25.11.-27.11.2022. with swami Chidrupanananda Giri. We welcome all international participants.

Brahma and Consciousness of Man

Can this be God abstracted from the world? Instead, it signifies not merely seeing him in all things, but saluting him in all the objects of the world. The attitude of the Godconscious man of the Upanishad towards the universe is one of a deep feeling of adoration. His object of worship is present everywhere. It is the… >>> »

Soma as inner essence

Today as most of us are living longer, we must be concerned about the quality of our lives. Longevity is not a simple matter of having more chronological years, but should include physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It is not merely the quantity of our lifespan that matters but the joy, freedom, love and awareness that we can… >>> »

Outer and Inner Universe and Destiny

What cannot be altered must be endured A few things cannot be altered or changed in our lives. Yet there is a proverb – that which one cannot alter must be endured. Which things can you not change? An An ou change Your mother tongue or the family you are born into? These are already decided. The aggregated… >>> »

Cosmic Astrology of Swami Sri Yukteshwar

“Mukunda, why don’t you get an astrological armlet?” “Should I, Master [Sri Yukteswar]? I don”t believe in astrology.” “It is not a question of belief; the only scientific attitude one should take on any subject is whether it is true. The law of gravitation worked as efficiently before Newton as after him. The cosmos would be fairly chaotic… >>> »

Yogananda on the Baptism of Jesus Christ

The physical body has two eyes, positive and negative, due to the law of relativity. The astral body has only one eye, which is variously named the spiritual eye, the single eye (the Christian Bible), the third eye (the Hindu Bible), the star of the East, the star of wisdom, the dove descending from Heaven, the inner eye,… >>> »

On Christmas

Behold the birth of Christ in the cradle of meditation Behold the birth of Christ in the cradle of meditation-tuned thoughts and in the tender twigs of devotion. Without the thread of Christ-consciousness and Christ-peace, the beads of nations would fall apart and scatter on the rocks of selfishness. The Christ of Christmas must be celebrated in the… >>> »

Pranava – inner sound

Paramahamsa Yogananda “Pranava, the sound of the creative Aum vibration, is the mother of all sounds. The intelligent cosmic energy of Aum that issues forth from God, and is the manifestation of God, is the creator and substance of all matter. This holy vibration is the link between matter and Spirit. Meditation on Aum is the way to… >>> »

Chakras by Paramhansa Prajnanananda – Swadhisthana

Swadhisthana Chakra This chakra is also known as the sexual centre: situated in the spine, behind the genital organs, it is ruled by water and has a strong hold over our emotions and passions. This centre often demands a good part of time and energy. Location : Sacral region Number of petals : Six Element : Water Colour… >>> »

The Heart’s natural love – Sraddha

The heart’s natural love [Sraddha] is the principal requisite to attain a holy life. When this love, the heavenly gift of Nature, appears in the heart, it removes all causes of excitation from the system and cools it down to a perfectly normal state; and envigorating the vital powers excretes all foreign matters – the germs of diseases… >>> »