Yogananda on the Baptism of Jesus Christ

By | December 27, 2015
Paramahamsa Yogananda

Paramahamsa Yogananda

The physical body has two eyes, positive and negative, due to the law of relativity. The astral body has only one eye, which is variously named the spiritual eye, the single eye (the Christian Bible), the third eye (the Hindu Bible), the star of the East, the star of wisdom, the dove descending from Heaven, the inner eye, the intuitive eye, the Shiva’s eye, the star through which the wise men saw, etc., etc.

During the baptism by the Holy Ghost, as perceived by Jesus Christ, He perceived it as a cosmic sound of Heaven, and the spiritual eye as the dove. This spiritual eye is a spiritual telescope with three rays as its lenses. The outer circle is golden. The inner lens of light is blue and is studded with a five-pointed silver star (as the third ray).

The microcosmic cosmic energy microcosmically manifests in the human body as the specific reflected life energy or the astral body. The spiritual or astral eye is the eye of the astral body. The astral eye is the individualized cosmic energy in the human body.

In meditation, first the life force must be withdrawn from the body, and must cross the portals of cosmic energy represented by the golden ring. Then it must plunge in the blue light representing Christ Consciousness. Then it must penetrate through the silver star representing Spirit, in the region of the Infinite.

These three—golden, blue, and silver light— contain all walls of rays of ultra-violet, electronic, and atomic rays, rays of cosmic energy through which one has to penetrate before one can reach Heaven. The golden halo and the blue central light are the two wings of the dove, and the little white star represents the mouth of the dove. The outer golden light is the Holy Ghost or Cosmic Energy or Nature; the blue represents God the Son or Christ, and the silver star represents God the Father.

So Jesus, during His baptism, saw the cosmic energy manifested in bodily shape, or materialized out of the ether, as the telescopic spiritual astral eye; and out of that spiritual eye representing the cosmic energy came a voice, or intelligent, all-creative cosmic sound, saying or vibrating, in intelligible voice (for all language comes from the Holy Ghost), “Thou art my Son, (or my manifestation); I am glad 14 thou hast risen (lifted thy consciousness) from matter and tuned in with my Omnipresence.”

All material human beings are prodigal sons who have left the home of Omnipresent Holy Ghost and have identified themselves with the infinitely smaller territory of the human body. This Holy Ghost is the Great Comforter. Being guided by the universal, reflected God-consciousness, it contains the all-coveted bliss of God.

One filled with this Holy Ghost, or Holy Vibration, can talk with the diverse tongues of inspiration of men, animals, and atoms. Since all languages are productions of the Holy Ghost, when man can hear, touch, and spread in Aum (or cosmic sound emanating from Holy Ghost), then he can understand or utter all languages, not only of men, but also of all animals and all atoms too. Holy Ghost, Aum of the Hindus, the Mohammedan Amin, the Christian Amen, Voice of Many Water, Word are the same thing. Aum is called the Word because the Word signifies cosmic intelligent vibratory sound which is the origin of all sounds and languages. This intelligent cosmic vibration or Word is the first manifestation of God in creation…

Yogananda <East-West, May 1932>

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